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.dk is the official domain of Denmark but .dk domains can be registered and used by anyone. You can only register your .dk domain for a period of 1 year at a time and registration costs £9.99.

.dk Quick Facts

  • Available to anyone.
  • Servers must be REGISTERED with the registry, DK-Hostmaster, by whoever is authoritative for them.
  • Registrants have three months to activate a domain name once it is registered. The registry will send the admin contact an email with instructions to activate the domain after the registrations has been submitted.
  • If no activation occurs within the three-month timeframe, the domain is made available for registration and no refund is provided.
  • Registrant transfers require signed documentation.
  • Registrar transfers are not possible.
  • Domains that are not renewed are removed from our system the day that they expire. They still remain active at the registry, usually for several weeks. These names can be recovered by e-mailing us until deleted by registry.

.dk Trivia

The oldest .dk domains still registered in DK Hostmaster's database, are the domains,,,,,, and which were all registered in 1987 when .dk was registered. With the registration of .dk a dual naming with both .uucp and .dk names was introduced. Of these, and can be said to be the oldest names, as these were the initial names on the Danish UUCP network started 2 January 1983.

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