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register your .es with .es is the official domain of Spain but .es domains can be registered and used by anyone. You can only register your .es domain for a period of 1 year at a time and registration costs £9.99.

Identity / Language
The Internet services offered on .es domains are associated with Spanish-speaking culture, which is an essential part of the identity of these services.

The Internet services identified by .es domains are provided by individuals or organisations with ties to Spain, which guarantees their proximity to Spanish users.

More possibilities in Internet search engines
Good positioning in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN has a lot to do with having a country-specific domain such as .es. With a .es domain, you will reach an outstanding position in the leading search engines.

Service reliability and quality
The .es domain Registry, managed by the Public Business Entity, provides the .es domain registration service in accordance with the generally accepted market standards for reliability and quality.

Flexibility and speed
Thanks to the flexibility of the .es domain registration criteria established in the National Plan for .es Domain Names, the time it takes to register .es domains is just a matter of minutes: in fact, it is practically instantaneous.

.es Quick Facts

  • Available to anyone.
  • Registrar transfers must be confirmed by the admin contact (registry sends them an email).
  • Registrant transfers require signed documentation.
  • At least two servers must be provided, but there are no specific zone requirements.
  • Domains that are not renewed are removed from our system the day they expire. They still remain active at the registry, usually for several weeks. These names can be recovered by request via email until deleted by registry.
  • he registry operator for .ES will accept multiple requests for a domain name and await payment from registrars and/or registrants. The requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and the registry then awaits payment. Each registration in the queue has 20 days to fulfill the payment obligation. If the payment obligation is not fulfilled in this timeframe, the order is cancelled and the next order has another 20 days. If the registration is ultimately successful, the order will be marked as completed. Please note that if a domain is available and registered through us, we pay the registry at that time and the domain is registered. Queuing will only occur if there are previous registrations made by other entities.

.es History

Until the liberalisation of the .es registry in November 2005, registering a .es domain was expensive and complicated compared to other ccTLDs. The second-level word had to be either a trade mark valid in Spain, the exact name of the registering business or association or be the first name and at least the first surname of the registering individual. Common words and placenames were unregisterable. There was also a requirement of a minimum of three characters in the name, though some exceptions like (Hewlett-Packard Spain) and (People's Party) were allowed. As an alternative many Spanish organisations registered under .com, .org or .net. Thankfully, registering your .es domain is much easy today!

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