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.li is the official domain of Liechtenstein but .li domains can be registered and used by anyone. You can only register your .li domain for 1 year at a time and registration costs £19.99.

.li Quick Facts

  • Available to anyone.
  • Registrar, registrant transfers and ALL modifications (DNS, contact changes, etc) require confirmation from the registrant, either by replying to a confirmation email from the registry, or with a fax confirmation on their company letterhead.
  • There is no charge for registrant transfers, and the registration term does not change.
  • Completed registrar transfers add one year to the registration term.
  • At least two servers must be provided, but there are no specific zone requirements.
  • Names registered directly through a partner of SWITCH (the .ch registry) are not allowed to be transferred to us.
  • Domains that are not renewed are removed from our system on the last day of the month prior to expiry. For example, if the expiry date is listed as 14th October, the domain will be deleted the previous 30th September if no renewal order is received. They still remain active at the registry, usually for several months. These names can be recovered by submitting a registrar-transfer order until deleted by registry.
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