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register your .tel with The .tel domain is unique in that it allows you to store, publish and update online all your contact information and keywords under your domain name, without the need for a website. Registrations are for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years and costs £9.99 per year.

The .tel enables you to create a fully interactive and live communications hub to take control over how and where customers communicate with you. Using, you can publish all your means of communication, for example: phone, mobile, fax, premium numbers, VoIP and IM handles and email addresses. You can also store web links, geo-location data and keywords describing your business. offers you an entry into the first global directory, allowing you to own and control all your contact information and update it in real-time whenever you wish. By contrast to existing directory services that are highly fragmented and very expensive, the .tel provides worldwide coverage, full control and real-time updating for only a fraction of the cost. allows you to easily route customers to the department or location of their choice using a quick and intuitive navigation structure based on innovative DNS technology.

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Your .tel domain increases your business’s discoverability online by allowing you to publish multi-lingual keywords for each department and location. These keywords are indexed by leading search engines, which improves your online visibility.

It makes your business or brand instantly accessible from any device connected to the internet. Your customers simply type in into a browser, select a method of contact and click to initiate communication. is optimised for mobile devices since it uses small and fast DNS lookups rather than pulling traditional website and html content. It therefore enables you to be quickly and easily found on all mobile devices.

.tel domains may be easily updated in real time from any device connected to the internet through a user-friendly interface.

A business could use their .tel to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as SMS voting for a favourite TV reality show (ie Pop Idol) with one-click functionality. Viewers could use the choices under the .tel to vote for their favorite celebrity. To view a live demonstration of this feature, please visit

A business could also use the .tel for services that are based on generic names:,,,, etc. Each .tel domain could easily have multiple sub-domains for navigation to local providers or specialists.

Or you could use the .tel to offer storefront services and collect micro-payments for downloads, products or services. For example: a celebrity fan club site can provide news, chats, or downloadable mobile content such as MP3s or ringtones.

You can also update your .tel domain from your iPhone! Download the iPhone application here.

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